It's Only Fair?

Some people say that if evolution is taught in school then it's only fair that creationism also be taught. But creationism is not science. Only alternative scientific theories can be taught in science class, and there are no alternative scientific theories to evolution.

My opponent in this debate said, "If they can have their religion (of evolution), I don't see what's wrong with letting us have ours (in public schools)."

So he is advocating that taxpayers fund the teaching of his religion in school, based on his misinterpretation of what evolution really is.

Creationism, even as admitted by my openent in this debate, is not science. Therefore, why would he want it taught in the science class?

Fair? What's fair is to provide students a broad-based science education, free from fables and myths, so that they are better prepared as adults to face the challenges that await them and to enhance their career opportunities. Watering down biology class with pseudoscience is not doing our students any favors.

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